POU1 A,B,H Training

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What is POU1

Purpose Of Use, or POU is the explanation of what you are allowed to do with the licence that you hold, at Hellenic Shooting Sports we deal with the following 2 types of POU’s, and the following classes of firearms.

  • 1 – Club Use
  • 7 – Other as provided by registrar ( for our uses normally issued our trainers )
  • A – .22 rifles , air rifle, shotgun
  • B – Centrefire rifles,
  • H – Handgun

Our club policies requires 1 person with POU1, as well 1 current club member as minimum in each squad, this is the to comply with SAPOL and the Firearms regulations, this person or persons within that squad are effectively responsible for any other shooters that don’t have POU1 on their license in that squad.

This also applies to the use of the practice trap area.

As a member if you bring a friend or guest to Hellenic Park you are responsible for them and are the ensure that they complete the visitors form and induction form before using a firearm on either the practice trap or the range, and you will require POU1 to be able to take them on the course or practice trap.

It is our desire to see every member hold POU1 for all the classes they have.

What do i do next..


1 . I have POU2 ( Target Shooting ), on my licence why do I need POU1 ?

POU2 is for shooting of target on private property, your own or perhaps a friend farm / station, POU1 is require for use as a registered firearms club.

 2. Can i still be or become a member with out POU1 ?

Yes, but we urge as many members as possible to acquire it.

 3. What Happens is there is a squad and no POU1 holders ?

Our computer system will not print the score card with out at least one POU1 Holder recorded in our system.

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