Hellenic Shooting Sports | Results – 5th February 2017
Hellenic Shooting Sports South Australia
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Results – 5th February 2017

Results – 5th February 2017

Results – 5th February 2017

75 Target High Gun – Round 1

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For those 58 shooters that took on the weather report and decided to take the chance on the weather, what a win you got with only really a dusting of rain thought the day and got the chance to take on 3 x 25 target courses and were done and back to the club rooms by 1:30 pm, for those that stayed home you missed out on 75 great targets.


This month saw this year’s first 25 score shot, first high gun round of the year and first shoot off which also just happened to be for top place in AA, we also saw the competition in juniors heating up is great to see more young shooters doing well, if your junior 12+ is interested but you don’t know were to start, speak to Alex or Phil about help to get him or her started.

5th feb 2017 results

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