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In order to hunt duck in South Australia, or any other jurisdiction in Australia where duck hunting is permitted, hunters need a hunting permit endorsed for Open Season. An Open Season endorsement can only be obtained if the hunter has satisfactorily completed a course in Waterfowl Identification.


As a founding member organisation of the Conservation And Hunting Alliance of South Australia (CHASA), Hellenic Shooting Sports SA present waterfowl ID training for club members.


Courses are run in Adelaide, after hours on weekdays over 3 evenings. Two evenings are taken up in WIT training, the third in WIT testing. Courses are run on a needs basis, with a minimum of 6-8 required.


If you wish to attend a WIT course, contact our Hunting convenor,  Tom Vartzokas at  admin@chasa.org.au.

We promote safe, sustainable and responsible hunting practices