Hellenic Shooting Sports | Hellenic Event Reminder 9th October 2016
Hellenic Shooting Sports South Australia
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Hellenic Event Reminder 9th October 2016

Hellenic Event Reminder 9th October 2016

9th October 2016

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After some great winner weather over the last week or so, we are lucky and have a break over the weekend

Weather is Looking Good, Predicting 28 should be a great day to be outdoors shooting.


3 x 25 Target Courses

For the Shotgun Shooters

·         75 Handicap High Gun

·         Course setup, Steve,Fred,Shane,Todd,Alex

·         Shooting Starts at 8:30am

·         Nominations close 10:00 Sharp.

And for the Rifle Shooters

·         The Rifle Range is open and will be running the programmed shoots

·         Range Opens at 8:30 for 9:00 start

Payments can be made by



Please Note

  • We strongly advise All Persons including spectators on the shooting grounds should have hearing and eye protection.
  • Shooting stands out of order is NOT allow, unless directed by a committee member, or member of the course setup team doing so will have you disqualified from the event.
  • Shells are available for purchase
  • Every Squad is and will be required to have a minimum one POU 1 Holder and Current Club Member
  •      Members must ensure any guest or visitors completes the club’s induction and visitors form before commencing any shooting, this includes the practice trap.
  • Children must be 12+ to use a shotgun. Or 10+ for rim fire only as per the firearms act and must complete the club’s induction, and visitors form.



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