Hellenic Shooting Sports | 2015 Monarto Cup 2015 leg 1
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2015 Monarto Cup 2015 leg 1

2015 Monarto Cup 2015 leg 1

Leg 1 on the Monarto Cup was held on the 11th October 2015, the weather was perfect for clays shooting and out friends from Rocky Gully SAFGA setup and excellent course and challenging targets.

Even thought we put up a good effort we are a little behind going in to the second leg of the cup, I am sure we can still hold on the cup this year

Well Done to Shane Terry from Hellenic for taking out the High Gun on the Day with an excellent score of 85.

Leg 2 the return leg of the Monarto Cup will be hosted at Hellenic Park on the 8th November

Rocky Gully 557
Hellenic Shooting Sports 519

Full results below Hellenic Place winners highlited


High Gun Winner Terry, Shane 85
A Grade Bologiannis, James 83
  Litchfield, Wendel 80
  Button, Alex 77
B Grade Marden, Allen 75
  Palumbo, Luciano 74 (9)
  Brewer, Adam 74 (7)
C Grade Benham, Glenn 68
  Baum, Ryan 61
  Pohl, Mark 57
Veterans Baum, Grantley 84
  Dawes, Greg 82
  Sourbis, George 63
Super Veterans Torresan, John 84 (9)
  Dean, Richard 84 (7)
  Monaghan, John 81
Ladies Marden, Jillian 55
  Pohl, Marlene 52
  Buonsanto, Adriana 24
Juniors Graham, Tom 28
Sub Juniors Falco, Daniel 81
  Miller, Jeremy 54
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