Hellenic Shooting Sports | 2014 Rockleigh Fire 14 -15 01 2014
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2014 Rockleigh Fire 14 -15 01 2014

2014 Rockleigh Fire 14 -15 01 2014

update 17th Jan 2014

Failing any other major changes to the status of the Rockleigh Fire event that start a few days ago, this will be the last update to members on the fire until the AGM, please see your 2104 calendar for details.

While the fire has passed across the Hellenic Park grounds, we have been very fortunate, and in no small part thanks to the amazing efforts of the Volunteers of the CFS, to have not lost any of our main buildings, with only very minor superficial damage to the rifle range, which in no way will effect it’s operation at the next shoot on the 9th Feb,  and all things being equal barring the normal Fire ban and temperature rules that apply, the 9th February shoot will proceed as normal.

My self and the committee would like the thanks those of you that have contacted us with offers of support, and kind wishes via the clubs phone, website, and Facebook page.

For those of you that have already offered to help in any way that you can ,  Thanks, we will be calling for your assistance in the coming months.

For those of you that want to help, great.  keep an eye out for information on work bees and jobs to be done, let us know your skills, we will find a job for you.

Only with the help of all members can we not only restore the grounds to what they were, but make even better in the future.

Remember that this year the Clubs AGM is an Election year, so if you have considered a roll on the Clubs Committee please contact myself or Phil Papaioannou to discuss, the 2014-2015 Committee will need to be very active in the repair process, but if you wish to assist the club, and can commit to a role on the committee remember that your nomination form must be returned to us by the Wednesday 22nd January.

For the latest photo updates and videos please see


Any other questions please let me know

Alexander Button

Current Photos / Maps

Update : 14:00 15/1/2014

Fire Location map updated on link above

Thanks – Alex

As many of you know there is an active fire at Rockleigh, that has had an direct effect to the Club Grounds.

Information that we have at this time.

Firstly thanks to the great work of the CFS the clubs main Buildings have been untouched this includes, the Club Room, Green clays shed and the rifle range.

The Committee are monitoring as best we can, and will review the damage to the club grounds in due course

We advise that as the area is still an active fire ground and request that members don’t enter the area.

We will keep you up to date via the news page on the clubs website

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